Free Shipping

What is eligible for free shipping?

Most of our products are eligible for free shipping! However, we are unable to offer free shipping on items in the following categories: Chocolate & Caramel, Closeout Items, Outdoor, Pantry, and Bulk Plastics and Concession.

If you’re purchasing at least $50 of included products and want to add any products from the excluded categories to your order, free shipping will still apply on the included products.


Why not Appliances, Chocolate & Caramel, Outdoor, Pantry, and Concession?

Because these products have various shipping restrictions on weight, perishability, size of the item, and bulky packaging, we won’t be able to provide the free shipping deal for these products at this time.


How long will shipping take?

For your convenience, our free shipping should only take up 7 business days from the day it leaves the store. Shipping might take longer for orders going to Alaska and Hawaii.